Reasons to Join a Dance Class

In Australia we have dance fever sweeping the nation. Shows such as Strictly Come Dancing, Australia’s got Talent and Dancing with the Stars are fuelling this. We are always being encouraged to get active.

Regular dancing is fabulous for losing weight, helping to strengthen those bones, doing wonders for your posture (no spaghetti arms here), helping with our balance and coordination. Yes, we can help sort out those two left feet! Oh and did I mention dancing is a great stress reliever? Come on what are you waiting for? 

Yes, we can help sort out those two left feet!

There are lots of choices here. Learn to Jump or jive, tango or twirl, shake your booty and hips to some great tunes and meet new people. Dancing is a great way to socialise. Grab a friend, this is not just a solo activity. We might even be able to help with a dance partner. 

Classes are $12.50 per person, they run for an hour. We have lots of dance style choices. Rock n Roll, Foxtrot, Mambo, the list goes on.

No special equipment required to get started. Wear clothing that gives you freedom of movement. Avoid any jewellery that can catch on clothing and wear comfy shoes. That’s it! 

We have a fabulous new themed studio environment. The venue has plenty of parking. A jukebox for some great music and a big dancefloor. 

Come have a look. Book for your first lesson. I guarantee you will have lots of fun. 

Fun, footwork and social